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What is the Service Charter?

The National Health Service has recently introduced new rules according to which it is necessary to improve all efforts to offer the best service to customers. These imply a customization of all services to the customer real needs, not only from a health point of view, but from a relational one as well. The service charter represents for each enterprise or Public Body a must in terms of honesty towards the customers and a guarantee of clear relationships in terms of correct and clear information and all aspects of services and offers.

Fundamental principles to which the service charter has to respond are:

  • Equality and Impartiality – All services are offered to customers in the same way according to shared rules, equal for all, independently of age, sex, language, or religion, social status, race, political opinions and health conditions of the customer.
  • Respect – All customers must be assisted and treated with care, courtesy and attention to their person and dignity.
  • Right to choose – According to the current legal dispositions, every customer has the right to choose the entitled personnel whom will receive the service by.
  • Participation – The customer has the right to claim and oppose controversy, to access to all information and make suggestions for a better service.
  • Efficiency and Satisfaction – All services must be offered with the best possible effort and must be compliant with the latest quality standards. All best available means must be used to meet in due time the customer needs, although any waste of the public resources should be absolutely avoided.
  • Continuity – Services must be guaranteed with no interruptions and time breakings.


Available Services and Time Schedule

Monday-Friday: 8.30 – 12.00, 14.30 – 17.00
Saturday: 8.30 – 12.00
Sunday: closed


Booking Service – Reception of Customer
Customer can book visits and therapies personally or by phone, providing medical prescription and personal health ID card.
When arriving personally at the Center, customer has to pick up a serial number to:

  • Receive information
  • Make reservation
  • Issue payments of tickets


How to obtain therapies
Customer must arrive at the acceptance counter with the medical prescription and the personal medical card. The officer verifies that the documents are correct and fill in the personal record. After signed all the documents relevant the privacy laws, the customer is sent to the Doctor for the booked visit, provided of the acceptance form, the office number he has to go to and the progressive number of acceptance. The Doctor subscribes one or more cycles of therapies, gives the necessary information about them and asks the customer to sign in the “consensus” which establishes an agreement between them. The customer goes back to the ticket counter, makes the payment and receives the dates in which the therapies are booked and can be made.
The customer receives a copy of the personal record where all booked therapies are indicated.


Ticket and payments (in accordance with Current National Laws on Public Health)
If the prescribed cures are included in the Regione Veneto list of possible treatments and the Center delivers them in agreement with the National Health Service:

  • Not exempted Customers must pay the ticket for all cures for a maximum of Euro 36.15 for each medical physiotherapies prescription (plus Euro 10.00 fee) and Euro 50.00 for the thermal cures.
  • Exempted Customers:
    Unemployed persons - are considered exempted, those registered in the “Centri per l’Impiego” (employment lists), seeking for a job and members of families with a gross income (previous year data) not exceeding Euro 8263.31, or Euro 11362.05 if with spouse not legally and actually separated. This last amount added of Euro 516.46 for each child, if any.
    Age and income - are considered exempted all children under 6 and seniors older than 65, members of families with a gross income (previous year data) not exceeding Euro 36151.98. The exemption is personal and cannot be extended to other members of the family. The entitled person (or his/her deputy where allowed by law, artt. 4 and 5, D.P.R. 445/2000) has to declare the specific position by filling in a form.
    Holders of minimum retirement allowance - are considered exempted all holders of minimum allowances, older than 60, and all members of the family, where the gross total income (previous year data) does not exceed Euro 8263.31, or Euro 11362.05 if with spouse not legally and actually separated. The entitled person (or his/her deputy where allowed by law, artt. 4 and 5, D.P.R. 445/2000) has to declare the specific position by filling in a form.
    Holders of allowance or social allowance, older than 65 - are considered exempted all Italian Citizens older than 65, holding an allowance or a social allowance. The exemption is extended to all members of the family.


Terms and means of payment
All payments must be made before the medical visit and the dispensing of the cures. Payments can also be made by credit card. Should the customer be unable to make the cures and therapies on the booked date, he has to inform immediately the booking office.


Customer Service
All personnel must have the most respectful attitude towards customers. Personnel name has to be clearly visible to customers and promptly communicated in case of phone contacts. Personnel must always do the best effort to facilitate the customer needs.


Claims and suggestions
In order to establish the best reciprocal, confidential and trusted relationship with customers, it is of great interest for the Center to know the level of satisfaction of customers.
To verify the achievement of quality and goals, “La Contea” makes inspections through the following means:

  • Direct questioning to customers
  • Evaluation of suggestions and claims indicated in the questionnaires filled in by the customers


Personal data handling
With regards to the customers’ right on privacy protection, “La Contea” complies with the current european laws. As per the art.13 of the European Regulation 2016 /679 regarding the “laws for the protection of the privacy of personal data”, the Center guarantees the full respect of the law and is compliant with its requirement to satisfy the full rights, freedom and dignity of the clients.
When you contact this facility for the first time, you will be asked to give your consent to the processing of personal data.


Customers’ rights
Every customer has the right to:

  • Be treated with care and respect for its human dignity
  • Receive information on services from qualified personnel
  • Receive clear and complete information from qualified doctors
  • Be assured on the absolute privacy reserved to all information concerning its personal health


Customers’ obligations
Every customer must keep a behavior respectful of the rules of the Center, and the needs of other customers; he must be collaborative with medical and technical personnel in order to better satisfy the reciprocal needs and achieve the common objectives of an effective and efficient therapeutic program.
It is a must for every customer to:

  • Inform the personnel on possible decision to renounce to cares
  • Respect the infrastructures and the furniture of the Center
  • Respect the times and the internal overall organization of the Center


List of Health Services provided by the Center

  • Physiatric visits
  • Laser Therapy
  • Electromagnetic Therapy
  • Electrostimulation
  • Electric Currents:
    Electromagnetic therapy*
  • Kinesytherapy and postural exercises*
  • Massage therapy*
  • Interference currents*
  • Ultrasonic Therapy*
  • Postural exercises*
  • Compex*
  • Iontophoresis*
  • Diathermy*
  • Laser Hilt Therapy*
  • Functional rehabilitation for simple pathology
  • Functional rehabilitation for complex pathology
  • Skeletal traction*
  • Hydrokinesitherapy*

Thermal cares:

  • Mudtherapy
  • Baththerapy
  • Sudorific cave
  • Hydromassage
  • Inhalatory and insufflatory cares
    (inhalations, aerosol, humages, nasal irrigation and shower, insufflations, politzer)

Specialistic examinations

  • Physical Visit
  • Orthopedic Visit*
  • Dermatological Examination*
  • Rheumatological Visit*
  • Eye Examination*
  • Allergological Visit*
  • Sports Medicine Examination*
  • Otorhinolaryngology Visit*
  • Vascular surgery Examination*

N.B.: Not Affiliated.


Mudtherapy suggested for:
Arthrosis and other degenerative forms of rheumatism of the joints


Inhalatory Therapy suggested for:
Bronchitis – Sinusitis – Laringo pharyngitis


Insufflatory Therapy suggested for:
Otitis - Tubal stenosis


Vascular Route suggested for:
Venous insufficiency
Posthumous Chronic phlebopathy
Varicose vein lower limbs


Physiotherapy suggested for:
Arthro-rheumatic diseases
Neuromotor diseases
Post-traumatic diseases
Post surgical/orthopedic cares





Medical Director:


Doctors ENT Specialists:


Technical Audiometrist:


Medical termalista:


Head of Department of Physical Therapy:


Medical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: