Inhalation therapies

inhalation therapies
inhalation therapies
inhalation therapies

Inhalation therapy is used in the treatment of numerous disorders of the respiratory system, particularly the respiratory tract.

The healing properties of our thermal waters (salt, bromine and iodine) are applied through inhalation therapy. Using special and sophisticated equipment, the water is reduced to particles of sizes suited for the different parts of the respiratory system.

Crenotherapy has an anticatarrhal, anti-inflammatory, fluidifying, antiseptic, and cleansing effect, reactivating the physiological defence and drainage mechanisms of the respiratory mucosa.

These multiple actions ensure, over time, a recovery of mucosal function that was been altered by the disease.

There are different forms and methods of delivering inhalation therapies, according to the following classifications:

- The technical characteristics of the equipment

- The physical characteristics of inhaled substances (particle size of the inhaled water, the presence of gasses, temperature, pressure, etc.)

- The chemical characteristics of the mineral water used (minerals and trace elements)

Therapeutic Indications

The therapeutic indications for inhalation treatments cover the following diseases: chronic bronchial rhinosinusitis syndromes, chronic bronchitis, simple or with obstructive component (excluding asthma and advanced emphysema complicated by severe respiratory failure and chronic pulmonary heart disease); vasomotor rhinopathy, chronic pharyngitis; chronic laryngitis; chronic sinusitis; polyposis; Adenoiditis.

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