The well-being that comes from water

The "La Contea" Thermal Spa, an agreement with the Italian health service, is a hotel fitted with the latest technology and run by a team of multi-disciplinary medical specialists.

La Contea uses the waters of the Euganean thermal basin which rise from the uncontaminated Lessini Mountains in the Alpine foothills.


fangotherapy products

La Contea offers a wide range of spa treatments, including fangotherapy and balneotherapy.

Rhinogenous deafness treatments

inhalation therapies

Insufflation and Politzer procedures for the treatment of rhinogenous deafness.

Inhalation Therapies


We perform all types of inhalation therapies for respiratory diseases.





Vascular Therapy

vascular programme

Vascular treatment with the whirlpool bath is performed to treat the sequelae of chronic phlebopathy.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Pool Treatments


This department performs rehabilitation for simple and complex diseases.

Thermal Pools

piscina termale esterna

The La Contea spa includes a splendid outdoor swimming pool, complete with whirlpool system and water games. Come and discover a world of well-being and relaxation.

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