Fangotherapy and Balenotherapy



The mud used in our spa consists of a solid element (clay), liquid (water with salt, bromine and iodine) and a biological component (micro-organisms).

It appears as a dark gray slurry formed from fine silt, heated at a temperature of between 60 and 70 °C and slow to cool down.

Biological and therapeutic effects are attributable to the following elements: Anti-inflammatory action, Analgesic action, Muscle relaxant action, Eutrophic action, Stimulating action on a number of metabolic processes, Effects on overall coenaesthesia.

The salt-bromine-iodic mud is highly recommended in the vast field of locomotive ailments and a safe treatment for many diseases of other organs and systems.

Fangotherapy is indicated for the following diseases:



OSTEOARTHRITIS: widespread osteoarthritis, cervicoarthritis, lumbar arthritis, osteoarthritis of the limbs, discopathy without herniation and without symptoms of irritation or nerve compression, results of operations for herniated discs, neck pain of rheumatic origin, scapular-humeral periarthritis (not including acute forms), dormant arthritis rheumatoid, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, results of articular rheumatism, periarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis


EXTRA-ARTICULAR RHEUMATISM: inflammatory rheumatism (dormant), rheumatic fibrosis, tendinitis rheumatic, rheumatic lumbago, fibrosis, fibromyositis


Fangotherapy-related services


BALNEOTHERAPY: spa bath therapy, using the therapeutically active mineral waters, combines the physical properties (non-specific) with the biological and therapeutic effects of the minerals that make each mineral water a unique solution with a chemical-physical composition.

WHIRLPOOL: a particular massage therapy technique that uses the pressure exerted by jets of the spa's water as it emerges from the wells. Tanks are used, fitted with multiple nozzles from which the air-mixed water comes out at a sufficiently high pressure. The pressure is adjusted according to the patient's needs.

The jets are oriented to spray from the sole of the foot to the chest in order to promote good blood circulation.

GROTTATERAPIA (Cave Therapy): the spa's mineral waters flow through the cave. The water is saturated with thermal water vapors produced at a temperature of 45 °C, with a relative humidity of 98-100%

GENERAL MASSAGE: massage therapy is usually performed after the fangotherapy, consisting of a general therapeutic twenty-minute massage

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